In the UK, NHS ConfedExpo is a key event in the healthcare calendar. It combines the NHS Confederation’s annual conference with a sizable exhibition, offering a platform for attendees to learn about the latest advancements, best practices and research in healthcare. The event features lectures, presentations, workshops, interactive sessions and key addresses from politicians and decision-makers. 

The 2023 edition marked the 75th anniversary of the event, which took place on 14-15 June and welcomed an array of speakers, including the chief executive of the NHS Confederation, the Secretary of State for Health & Social Care, the Shadow Secretary of State, and the NHS chief executive.

The requirement

NHS Confederation was expecting 5,000 people to attend over two days, most of whom were leaders and managers in decisive roles. With such an influential audience at a critical point in the NHS’s history, NHS ConfedExpo had to reflect its values and ambitions at every opportunity. 

Exhibit 3Sixty was tasked with designing the expo to create a professional, modern, and welcoming milieu. The expo’s lecture theatres, catering areas, shell scheme, and feature areas were wrapped in the NHS ConfedExpo brand and colours.

That’s where Exhibit 3sixty came in. From the first meeting during the planning phase through to the last truck leaving site at the event, they were an absolute dream to work with. It’s very rare to find an organisation with such strong values, professionalism and an overwhelming pride in all that they do. 

Nick Westerman, head of strategic partner events, NHS Confederation

The delivery

The Exhibit 3Sixty team planned NHS ConfedExpo down to the finest detail, working closely with NHS Confederation team members to create detailed designs and visualisations of each component of the event and have them approved. Exhibit 3Sixty’s logistics division was also involved from an early stage, ensuring the smooth transit of exhibits and materials in and out of the venue when the time came to build the event.

During the planning of the show, Exhibit 3Sixty ensured the highly recognisable NHS branding scheme would be integrated into all show designs, providing creative suggestions based on extensive research. 

Exhibit 3Sixty’s directors, Andy Pearce & Alan Craner, took a thorough and hands-on approach to the show, dedicating a considerable amount of time to the project planning stage to ensure a seamless delivery during the build-up of the 2023 edition. They even pre-booked more labour than was estimated to be needed during the build-up without the organiser incurring any extra cost. While this abundance of labour meant that there was a surplus at times during the build, it also ensured that should anything unprecedented occur, there was more than enough cover to address any problem and still deliver the show ahead of schedule, providing peace of mind that the 2023 show would open on time and as desired.

Exhibit 3Sixty designed, built and installed NHS ConfedExpo in its entirety, including 1800m2 of shell scheme for nearly 200 exhibitors, 7000m2 of floorcoverings, 400 items of furniture, 600m2 of wide-format graphics print, 11 feature areas, including 2 lecture theatres, and everything else essential to a functioning event. A 75-person team on-site built the show in two days and removed it in two.


Reviewing the design feedback from the tender concepts, Exhibit 3Sixty’s design team were able to rapidly produce detailed branded designs. Combining deep client collaboration with a reflective design process, where each design iteration request was thoroughly evaluated, and design changes were made accordingly, resulted in a fully practical and highly brand-focused set of stand designs.

Overall, the organiser, NHS confederation, the exhibitors and visitors were satisfied with the finish and overall quality of the event. In common with all of Exhibit 3Sixty’s clients, NHS Confederation enjoyed the benefit of having a single, executive-level point of contact who ensured timely, clear communications, led the collaboration in the planning, design, and execution, and was on hand to solve problems, answer queries and attend to details from concept to completion.


Nick Westerman, head of strategic partner events, NHS Confederation, expressed his delight in this testimonial:

NHS ConfedExpo is the UK’s largest conference and exhibition for the health and social care sector. For the 2023 edition, it was of the utmost importance that we worked with suppliers who would understand our vision for the event and ensure that our high standards were carried across all parts of the exhibition.

That’s where Exhibit 3sixty came in. From the first meeting during the planning phase through to the last truck leaving site at the event, they were an absolute dream to work with. It’s very rare to find an organisation with such strong values, professionalism and an overwhelming pride in all that they do. 

We had the privilege of working with Andy throughout the planning of the event – someone bursting with knowledge, ideas and the well-worn experience of years in the industry – meaning that we were always in the best possible hands. There was no job too big or too small, and the level of service we received from Andy was world-class. Of course, it would be rude not to mention his dedicated and loyal team, who were equally fabulous and ensured that every detail of this show was delivered with a very keen eye for detail and precision. 

Going into the planning of the 2023 event, we were nervous about working with a new supplier, as we had a challenging experience with contractors at our 2022 event. These fears were put to bed incredibly quickly, as it became clear very early on that we would be having an altogether different experience with clear account management, strong communications and a real sense that we were working as part of the same team. As soon as the event had completed in June this year, we immediately made plans to work with Exhibit 3Sixty for the 2024 event, as the event was a huge success, and so much of that was down to them.”