To Design a focal point for the event that would be a natural meeting point. An area that defines the event both visually and functionally, The bar should display the 4 main areas of the show.

With a budget of max 30K, the installation should be cost effective and value for money whilst remaining fully consistent with the Optrafair brand.

Optrafair stand design

Optrafair has a strong vivid colour pallet that can easily become quite uncontrolled and appear very messy if designed incorrectly. The Exhibit 3Sxty design team studied the show floor plan and noted the actual location for the FMO was virtually central to the show, it was decided that due to the location and to maximise traffic flow into the areas the stand should be designed as open as possible to provide utmost line of sight into the stand from all directions.

To help define a focal point a bar was situated to the centre with a large illuminated flute, this is not a particularly innovative feature but it served the situation well. A round high level banner was suspended above the illuminated flute to maximise the visibility of the bar and area. As the stand needed to be a strong focal point the use of the brand Pink colour was selected to be used. The colour was strong enough to define the area without overpowering the design. To define the four main areas of the show coloured light-boxes were placed in each corner of the stand that were able to display branded show graphics.

large Optrafair exhibition stand

“Please thank your design team, JCB were very impressed. A great job!”

Nigel Warway – Owner, Warway Creative

Optrafair stand with furniture

The Build was an example of experience at work, the quality finish required means that any defect will be very noticeable. The build team fully understood this while maintaining a fast work flow without compromising on quality, something a less able team may find difficult to do. A more efficient work flow means better return in investment for the client and a more productive efficiency within the Exhibit3sixty workshop.

The logistical requirements for the build were relatively easy due to the ‘component’ nature of the design although special attention was paid to the packing so as not to damage the finish quality of the stand. The on-site instillation was simple and efficiently handled, the performance of the Exhibit 3 Sixty staff was noted by the client.

“The bar was a great addition to the show, I believe it genuinely gave a welcoming heart to Optrafair 2017. We were all extreme satisfied with how the show progressed and we are in no doubt that the feature areas supplied by Exhibit 3Sixty played a big part of the success of the show.”

Ed Trantor, MD MA Exhibitions

Optrafair stand

With the client eagerly anticipating the handover the installation was completed on time with exhibit 3sixty staff remaining on-site to help with the stocking of the bar area, this little bit of extra service helped relieve a little pressure for the clients as the show opening was fast approaching.

With other Feature areas handed over before the agreed time the client was as usual, extremely impressed. Exhibit 3Sixty staff remained on-hand during the event to provide additional support where necessary, they commented on how busy the FMO Bar area seemed to be throughout the event. The client had no reason to record number of visitors actively using the Bar, but it was noted how quickly the consumables were being actively restocked.