Brief Overview

Exhibit 3Sixty was tasked to design and install a permanent standing ‘technology bar’- a functional area providing a point of information and repair for all Virgin I.T.-related issues. Located within the new Virgin Headquarters, the aesthetic of the ‘tech bar’ had to meet all Virgin Atlantic brand guidelines and fit seamlessly within the building’s existing interior. The bar also had to meet a broad range of functional requirements including, a hospitality area, meeting spaces and a fully functioning I.T. repair room.

Concept Stage

A striking angular concept, reflective of the Virgin Atlantic tail fin style logo, characterised the aesthetic to meet Virgin Atlantic’s brand guideline requirements. 

Working collaboratively, Exhibit 3Sixty and Virgin Atlantic’s designers delivered the final ‘branded’ finish utilising Exhibit 3Sixty’s strong structural design expertise combined with Virgin’s iconic aesthetic. This resulted in an exceptional design that exceeded all original design brief expectations.

large Virgin Atlantic stand

Quality Build and finish was paramount to meeting the high demands required by the Virgin Brand. Exhibit 3Sixty’s strong ability in manufacturing at a high level of finish was a perfect match for the requirements of the Virgin brand.


As a permanent installation, the choice of material was key to maintaining the required longevity of the area. Exhibit 3Sixty’s project managers used their extensive materials knowledge to select products that were; suitable for the job and would pass Virgin’s internal quality control process. As a result, the stand structure was built to a very high quality which would effectively help to protect against long-term wear and tear.


Hospitality: A key area to the tech bar was the reception point. It was required to be large enough to allow staff to greet multiple users while allowing space for quick repairs and basic advice. The reception counter was fitted with storage and power, providing options for several activities.

Virgin Atlantic stand with furniture

The design had to meet both Virgin’s strict brand guidelines and fit seamlessly within the existing interior environment. The design used key aesthetic style points to match the existing Virgin HQ interior structure. A strong use of the Virgin red colour was used on the tech bar to match structural elements within the Virgin HQ. Dark wood furnishings were also extensively used throughout the Virgin HQ that were emulated by the tech bar using vertical wooden slats within its structure. These aesthetic points helped the installation look like it was part of the existing interior structure, a key point of the original