3 Ways Exhibitions Transform Your Brand


Exhibitions are a great way to generate awareness for business brands that are fighting for more exposure. They have always proven to be solid platforms for businesses to generate quick and easy revenue, when starting out. In previous years, exhibitions were the go to place to test a certain product or service. They allow businesses to collect market research from their target audience, and get feedback on their products or services, before expanding or officially launching. Unlike TV and radio, exhibitions provide an opportunity to meet your customer; the key feature of face to face marketing has proven to be effective in terms of finalising sales. Customers feel more inclined to purchase having seen the product first hand. With exhibitions being huge social events, many businesses can take advantage of the buzz and allow their brands to spread through word of mouth even after the exhibition has ended. Other marketing strategies are still valid but some customers need face to face interaction.

Quick Market Penetration

Market penetration can sometimes be a slow and tough process for businesses. However, at exhibitions, businesses are able to reach a large portion of their target audience in a very short space of time. This is where exhibitions have the edge on other marketing channels. Whether you want to change market perceptions or generate sales leads, what could be achieved in the space of four days at an exhibition, could take months using other channels. Exhibitions have proven to be the quickest and most cost effective way of exploring and entering new markets. The reason behind quick market penetration is primarily due to the flexibility of the promotional tool. Exhibitions combine the following into one unique environment:

  • Targeting of direct mail
  • Persuasive power of face to face selling
  • Networking benefits of the internet
  • Large reach of advertising


Flexible Platform

Exhibitions provide a flexible multi-purpose platform for businesses, in which multiple marketing objectives can be achieved. Like many businesses, your key focus is to generate revenue, however, while doing so, you may also be doing the following, raising brand awareness, building brand image and building customer relations. With a great platform and a number of opportunities at your feet, from stand presence and sponsorship to seminars and competitions, and awards, exhibitions provide the perfect platform for any business.

Product Launch

What better way to launch your new product. With large audiences of press and media spectators, it’s a great way to gain free exposure. Global brands such as Samsung, Apple, and Sony, often use these platforms to launch their new TVs or phones. It also gives customers first-hand experience, on what they can expect from these new products and services.

Exhibitions and events for Game consoles have become increasingly popular, with fans and gamers attending new product launches more and more. It was only last month that Sony Playstation launched their new Playstation VR (Virtual reality) and console PS4 Pro. Their virtual reality system launch saw many fans get the chance to test and experience the new system. The technology relies on the use of cameras to track head movements, presenting its alternative view of the world through a small screen mounted in front of each eye. This is a great example of bridging the gap between business and consumer. Giving consumers the opportunity to interact with your products, will certainly help build strong customer relationships and customer loyalty.


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