Designing the Perfect Exhibition Stand

Exhibition stands are used for a number of purposes; to display products during conventions, sales exhibits and other events. A good stand can enhance the look and features of a product so that it can be fully appreciated by the viewer. The use of the stand may be for a limited period of time or for more permanent display. In either case, both cost and design are critical to the effectiveness of the display.

Types of Exhibition Stands

Stands for exhibitions come in a wide range of styles, materials and configurations. Modular type stands have the most flexibility for exhibition display and can be used in a variety of configuration for both current and future needs. High impact stands may be needed for some types of products. Custom-built stands can be fabricated for unusual products. Stands that incorporate graphics, banners, logos and other special features can help to make the greatest impact for your exhibit.

Designing A Display

Determining what you need in a good exhibition display stand can be the most difficult part of putting together an effective exhibit. A stand must be visually aesthetic and accessible. It must clearly show the products, while at the time maintaining a pattern with meaningful organization. Good exhibition designers understand this complex mix of features that each individual stand must enable. Experienced exhibition designers know how important the right stand is to the success of exhibit in regard to immediate sales and future contacts.

Other Exhibition Stand Services

Many stands can be assembled by the user with elementary instruction, but other companies offer full set-up and take-down, if needed. These services can be particularly helpful for companies with limited staffing at exhibition sites. In addition, these companies offer storage of the equipment in preparation of use. The right stand can mean the difference between a display with maximum impact and one that provides little visual appeal. Ensure that you have the right stand for your needs with a company that understands your needs and your customers’ needs for your product displays.

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