Floorplanning for a post Covid19 Exhibition.

With the approval of the All Secure Standard guidance, created by the Association of Event Organisers (AEO), the Association of Event Venues (AEO) and our own Event supplier and Services Association (ESSA), exhibition organisers are cautiously looking for ways that shows can return to the marketing mix safely.

Here at Exhibit 3Sixty, we have taken the All Secure Standard and applied some thinking as to how a floorplan may appear in a post Covid19 exhibition hall. It’s a very basic concept at the moment and takes on board the need for wider aisles and one way systems, along with additional signage to assist traffic flow, whilst retaining the key criteria of stand density in the hall.

This example shows simple blocks of shell scheme laid out in a regular grid fashion with aisles running both vertically and horizontally. We have included one way systems, which can be clearly identified via floor markings and seen on the plans as coloured lines and arrows and with the smallest aisles in this layout being no less than 2m wide. Managing visitor flow will, under the current guidance, become a key factor in having a successful show. In this layout the freebuild stands are also located in their own area, again spaced out to comply with social distancing guidelines, and the stands are arranged in a grid to keep the gangways consistent and traffic flow easy to manage.

We are already looking at how feature areas around the entrance and registration can be used to funnel and channel visitors through and into the show with the minimum of disruption whilst adhering to the guidance in place. Additionally, our designers are looking at how we may be able to deliver compliant shell schemes and self build exhibition stands that protect both the exhibitor and the visitor whilst allowing face to face interaction to proceed with the minimum of disruption.

We are happy to discuss layouts and floor plans with organisers who are seeking to have optimised and compliant show layouts. Please call us on :

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