The Importance of Exhibition Designers

A trade event, road show or conference is often packed with exhibitors and exhibition stands, each selling products, providing information, offering a service or promoting the launch of their service or brand. So it’s a big challenge to make your exhibition stand out amongst the rest. This is when the service of an exhibition designer is essential. 

After investing a lot of time and money into displaying at an event, a lot of businesses find they are let down by their exhibition stand. The responsibility of an exhibition designer is to draw the visitors towards your stand through a professional design that makes the most of the space on offer.

Often the event and location of the stand will determine the level of exhibition design that you will need and a professional contractor has all the experience to make the right decision. If you are exhibiting at a fair or small event for example, a modular stand approach might be required, in which the stand will take a more modular stand look and feel. Custom built or traditional exhibition stands have complete design flexibility and a professional design can make a big impact within a large hall where competition is always close by.

But to best optimise the stand, exhibition designers will work from a brief and create a stand within the timescales and budget. At Exhibit 3Sixty, we ensure that from conception to completion, our clients have a central point of contact who understands the stand design brief and is on hand during the design and construction to ensure everything goes to plan.

There are so many elements to an exhibition stand from lighting, heating, electrics, brand and even flooring, so it is essential to get the right combination to create the best look and feel for your exhibition design.

If you’ve got an exhibition coming up, get in touch with our team to discuss your project with a professional. We have a simple 3-step online quote service with a fast reply.

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