Transferable skills keep Exhibit 3Sixty team sharp.

When the exhibition industry went into lockdown we were determined not to shut up shop and simply wait for it to restart for a number of reasons. Firstly, there was no definite end date to the lockdown and no one was able to predict how long or how wide-reaching the effects of the pandemic might be, secondly, we wanted to keep our skills honed and the team occupied doing what they love to do.

So, when the opportunity to transfer our skills to the refurbishment of the retail displays for long-standing client Babystyle, we were all pleased to help.

One advantage we had was that we already knew the brand, the materials and how Babystyle liked to be represented. Taking that knowledge and applying it to the retail environment provided Babystyle with bespoke displays in each retail outlet for their bestselling ranges of strollers, the Egg and Oyster –

Alan Craner, director of Exhibit 3Sixty explains, “The skills employed by stand design and build companies are very closely related to those used in shop fitting. Some retail outlets too advantage of the closure due to the lockdown to update and refurbish their showrooms, this coincided with the stopping of exhibitions due to the pandemic. This meant we had skilled teams ready to transfer to refurbishing showrooms when the call came.”

“The Exhibit 3Sixty team was already familiar with the brand through work on their exhibition stands, which made the transition to retail display simply one of a new location and some adaptation for a permanent structure rather than that of a show. The client was delighted with the results and we were able to keep the sharpness that comes with working on site,” he added.