We have launched our new range of social distancing screens

Capitalising on our design and fabrication skills we’ve launched a range of social distancing screens for use in numerous applications at exhibitions and events and in locations such as pubs, market stalls, coffee shops where social distancing of 2m and over would be impossible.

Under normal conditions, our designers and craftsmen are fully utilised creating exciting exhibition stands but at the moment we’re waiting for the exhibition industry to restart so fertile minds start to create things.

It was the realisation that in some situations at an exhibition, it would be almost impossible to be 2m apart so there would need to be a form of barrier to separate people. That led to us thinking where else this might be a problem and the ideas just started flowing.

The screens will be built to order using aluminium and acrylic, making the screens tough and easy to clean and maintain. We also wanted them to be suitable for use both indoors and outdoors applications so the material choice was essential and because they would need to be easily moved they are modular in construction.

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