Exhibition skills put to good use!

We are never ones to stand still, so as the effects of lockdown hit, we started to look around for markets where our skills and creativity could be deployed safely. We have materials, tools and highly skilled people available who can turn their hand to building exhibition quality structures in other areas. When we were approached by ActOn Finishing, just up the road from our offices, to look at a refurbishment project for their premises nearby we jumped at the opportunity.

Being able to create visually stunning spaces is what Exhibit 3Sixty is all about, transforming the reception was a very familiar project for us, we are often presented with unusual spaces at exhibitions where we are required to bring a clients brand to life in readiness to receive visitors. It was a relatively straightforward refurbishment, taking a well used and somewhat tired reception area and giving it some of our exhibition stand magic. Firstly, we decorated, then we installed a new laminate floor, we built a purpose made reception counter, then supplied full colour printed graphics, we CNC cut an acrylic logo and replaced the ceiling tiles.

Alan takes up the story, “ActOn Finishing’s reception was certainly in need of a fresh look so, when they found out that there was no exhibition industry operating at the moment, they approached us to see if we could help. We found an agreeable situation, ActOn Finishing was looking for a keen price and we wanted to keep our team employed and themselves honed ready for the exhibition industry to restart. Utilising all the skills we usually deploy on exhibition stands for major brands such as Lego, New Scientist, Firestone, JCB, etc the reception was brought up to date. And, because exhibition stands need to be finished to a very high quality, they were very impressed with the standards we work to, so much so they have asked us to look at other work on their premises.”

Sid Gulati, operations director, at ActOn Finishing Ltd was delighted, “May I personally thank you and your team for the recent refurbishment of our reception area. Please would you pass on my thanks to the team who attended site, they were an excellent team and provided a very good quality job. I would happily recommend Exhibit3Sixty as a trustworthy and sensibly priced company. Thank you for an excellent job.”

It was a great project for Exhibit 3Sixty and there will be more news coming soon about how we are using the lockdown to create new products and services, and explore new markets.

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