Brief Overview

Our long-standing client, BabyStyle, needed three display areas at Glasgow’s Pram Centre – a pram and baby transport superstore in Scotland’s 2nd city, and last August we began designing three distinct, branded, showroom areas.

egg display area design

We used high gloss finishes on plinths and shelves to shrug off wheel marks and aid cleaning. LED strips, downlighters and floods were our choices for the lighting, to create the mix of ambient and direct illumination that would show the products off to their best.

We also designed and built a revolving plinth for flagship products, together with internally illuminated 3D signage to complete the luxury showroom feel. Finally, we applied the vinyl logos and full-colour large format prints to complete the look.

We seem to have been the envy of the other companies putting up shops at The Glasgow Pram Centre, and we’re absolutely delighted with the results


Having worked with BabyStyle for many years, we’re familiar with the brands we were incorporating into our designs. This familiarity allowed our designers to make the best use of the brand assets and values in their designs, creating three high-impact and premium feel retail areas.

With the designs complete and signed off, we arrived on-site on November 30. Owing to covid restrictions and lockdown conditions, our build time was cut to 72 hours, and we were working with and around several other suppliers and contractors the whole time – just like an exhibition.

retail display for oyster pushchairs