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Exhibit 3Sixty’s modular reusable exhibition stands allow you to cost effectively present a highly professional image that is bespoke to you. A wide variety of modular, pre-formed sections made from strong aluminium are used to create your display, onto which foamex panels are attached. This gives you the freedom to reuse your modular exhibition stand at any event!
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Reusable modular exhibition stand by Exhibit 3Sixty


Our modular exhibition stands are extremely versatile and so they’re widely used by brands and companies large and small. The interchangeable elements of this type of exhibition system offer excellent flexibility and re-usability so you can reconfigure your display to suit different sized spaces and events. Display graphics can also be easily updated if your company wants to create a fresh look for a different event or present a change in product or message. This makes modular exhibition systems a great investment for businesses who attend a number of trade shows and events throughout the calendar year.

Our in-house designers have a wealth of experience working with both custom and modular exhibition stands. They combine this quality experience with creativity to offer our clients an engaging and attractive display system. We will also happily work with your existing design or advertising agency to ensure messaging and brand values are communicated on brief.

Some of the key benefits of our modular stands:

  • Affordable and cost effective exhibiting solution
  • Individually designed to accommodate our clients’ needs
  • Infinite choice of colour schemes
  • Graphic panels can be stored and reused for additional installations
  • Quick and easily assembled displays for short build up periods
  • Reusable and sustainable for the environment
  • Incorporation of interactive elements like LED monitors & iPad mounts


Our portable, modular units offer a flexible and sustainable solution for companies that exhibit at trade shows throughout the year. The versatile construction means you can reconfigure your display and change the entire look to meet the demands of your event. Made from lightweight materials, our reusable stands are easy to assemble and dismantle. So you can transport it to your next event or simply store it away. This makes our portable displays a great investment as you don’t need to purchase a new one for the other events in your calendar.

For most businesses then, a modular design is more suitable than a large, traditional stand that is more suited to making a big impact at a one-off event. As a full service contractor, we can transport and install your modular exhibition for you. We can also provide storage for your stand in our 20,000 square foot facility when you’re between shows. We’ll give you a free and detailed quote for all the services you require. Get in touch with Exhibit 3Sixty today and make your next event a huge success!


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Below is just some of our recent unique modular stand designs. Click on the images to view the gallery.

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