Brief Overview

–  Maintaining Leica BIOSYSTEMS brand guide lines
–  Create a functional space representative of a clinical environment
–  Deliver functioning products
–  Maintaining line-of-site to demonstrated products at busy periods
–  Effective presentation of video show real
–  Modern looking simple aesthetic.


The final design achieved all main brief goals, the Leica brand guide lines were accepted and signed off by Leica’s marketing team. The environment of the stand was clinical looking that matched the displayed product. Designed spaciously so traffic flow around the stand at busy periods would not inhibit the displayed products and functional walls were included in the design to hold and display the AV screens.

The one noticeable difference from the original brief was a reduced number of demonstrated products, Leica had a change of plan and decided to use interactive programs to demonstrate product features rather than use the physical products. This change was well handled through close collaboration with leica and required minimal design alterations.

Leica stand design
Leica stand sketch

“This was again one of the best stands we have ever had. The attention to detail and hard effort cannot be underestimated in bringing this stand together. On behalf of the industry team, Many thanks for all your help and not to mention your good company.”

Frank Murphy, MurphyVarley


With over 40 years combined experience the two lead Project Managers at exhibit 3sixty were able to easily and expertly handle delivery of the materials and organise the build extremely effectively. The stand was installed on time and all Ipads, delivered to Exhibit 3sixty previously, were connected ready to go.

Representing the brand, the simplicity of structure combined with the minimal styling meant the finish quality had to be of the highest standard, any inconsistencies would have been highly noticeable in a stand design of this type. The hand over to the client was extremely favourable with the usual pleasing comments stated to the Exhibit 3sixty build and project management teams.

The level of design development undertaken at Exhibit 3sixty for the Leica stand demonstrated our commitment to fully meet the clients needs. Its shows how Exhibit 3sixty’s design team are able to fully converse with clients and use their experience and creativity to create valid and effective event design solutions that ultimately win work for the company.

Leica exhibition stand

Working with Leica for a number of years it is easy for a company to become blasé and less enthusiastic about a stand and not give design 100% to the project. This was not the case with Leica, Exhibit 3sixty values all its customers and the continued working with Leica was as always given top priority.

A strong rapport has been developed with the Leica team which gives Exhibit 3sixty a greater degree of freedom when designing the Leica stand, The Leica staff trust and most importantly trust in our ability to deliver a highly exceptional stand that meets and usually surpasses there needs.