Brief Overview

Exhibit 3Sixty worked with The 1810 Company, a high-quality, contemporary kitchen product supplier, to design and install a large-scale exhibition stand at KBB, Europe’s leading kitchen, bathroom and bedroom design show.

1810 company stand design

Exhibit 3Sixty delivered brand continuity across differing media, showcasing a consistency of brand identity, brand values and continued brand message for the target audience, in order to maintain strong brand recognition for The 1810 Company.

Exhibit 3Sixty’s designers are highly experienced at implementing design strategies to help all our customers maintain their strategic brand objectives;

1 – Maintain clean visual quality with a vivid, contrasting colour scheme. The material used for the main structures created a continuation of a quality feel.

2 – Bold use of the logo, with no additional text, provided a  platform for identity recognition. The lighting features were consistent throughout the display.

Exhibit 3Sixty expertise includes managing cross-channel branding across event, retail and graphics.


The stand delivered a strong brand focused installation providing a functional presentation platform for the displayed products. The event was a complete success, leading 1810 to commission Exhibit 3Sixty to design and deliver another installation, this time within a retail environment. Exhibit 3Sixty designed a point-of-sale display that maintained strong key visual elements to deliver a consistency of brand from event to retail.

examples of 1810 stands