Cutting edge technology investment

We’re very excited to announce the purchase and installation of our latest pieces of equipment, a cross-cut bench and a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) cutting table, which is now in place and wired up, we’ve had our training and we’re ready to put it to use.

The cross-cut bench is going to be very useful, but the really exciting addition to our equipment list is the CNC cutting table.

The CNC means we can now cut sheet material faster and more accurately than ever before, by simply feeding the measurements in digitally and letting the machine take the strain. 

Cutting isn’t a difficult or a time-consuming process in itself, but a CNC machine has quite a few advantages over getting one of the team to cut sheet material manually.

Firstly, it frees up time – the table can be set up and then left to get on with the job, it’s like having a team member devoted to cutting and machining.

Secondly, the CNC machine is quicker and more accurate on curved and angled cuts. The demand for curved and flowing surfaces in space-only design means we’ve had an increasing requirement for curved and custom shapes, and this machine will cut mathematically perfect curves with total consistency.  

Finally, the CNC machine includes software to optimise the use of sheet material, greatly reducing waste material, which will be a big sustainability improvement that will only increase over time.

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