Exhibit 3Sixty launches streamlined online ordering portal for organisers and exhibitors

Exhibit 3Sixty has launched a suite of bespoke organiser and exhibitor-friendly online tools, offering a more streamlined approach to the order and design process of exhibitions. The tools include a range of order portals to simplify the purchase of items such as furniture and electrics, and the preeminent Graphics Portal offers exhibitors exclusive access to initiate the artwork process in seconds from the new, automated Artwork Dimensions Calculator. Using the foundations and best practices from other online tools and paper manuals, Exhibit 3Sixty is championing the move towards a more ergonomic exhibition experience for both organisers and exhibitors.

The three tools, developed and launched entirely in-house, are Exhibit 3Sixty’s first steps towards simplifying and increasing the efficiency of the more complex aspects of designing graphics and ordering items for live events, exhibitions and conferences.

The online Order Portals offer coherent and dynamic navigation in a user-friendly format, reducing confusion and the need for organiser support. Exhibitors simply click a link to their exhibitor manuals to find products using 3D images with annotations and further information. Once their desired items are selected, they can access their artwork specifications.

The Graphics Portal simplifies the design process further using 3D visualisations of the various permutations of stand design – allowing exhibitors and organisers to quickly calculate the linear meters of graphics needed and find answers to other frequently asked questions. Exhibitors can also easily access the Artwork Dimensions Calculator to find their exact artwork sizes and dimensions by filling out only four fields, including the number of open sides and wall length.

Additionally, the new systems assist with the organisation of key documentation, including accounting systems and spreadsheets, to remain consonant with the increasing demands for paperwork. This is fully automated and unified in one location with backups, boasting ease of use and security whilst reducing the workload for exhibitors and organisers alike.

Samuel Pearce, commercial manager, Exhibit 3Sixty, explained, “We have laid the foundations for an ergonomic exhibiting experience with these order portals, and we plan to continue this development with more exciting solutions and features to increase efficiency for both organisers and exhibitors.”

Pearce continued, “This is just the beginning of our plan to keep developing and refining new tools to help organisers and exhibitors; we believe we have been able to develop, and will continue to develop, the most user-friendly experience in the exhibition industry.”

See some screen grabs of our new portal.

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