Friendship and business: the Exhibit 3Sixty family

Exhibit 3Sixty directors Alan Craner and Andy Pearce became friends in 1996, a friendship spanning over 27 years. It all began at their previous workplace, where Alan joined as a Project Manager, and Andy worked in the offices as a Director. A few years later, when the company was making redundancies, Andy recognised Alan’s skills and reputation and successfully persuaded the directors to keep Alan on board. This marked a turning point in their friendship, which grew stronger as time passed and in 2008, they embarked on a new business venture together: Exhibit 3Sixty. With a solid foundation of exceptional experience and a deep-rooted friendship playing a pivotal role in shaping the company’s culture, their camaraderie has proven key to their continued success.

What are the dynamics of your friendship in a professional environment?

Our friendship within Exhibit 3Sixty was and has always been, rooted in our shared goals, trust, loyalty, and respect for one another. Over the years, we have developed a natural synergy where our strengths and weaknesses complement each other perfectly. 

One of the key strengths of Exhibit 3Sixty is our ability to learn from one another. We value exchanging knowledge and never hesitate to seek each others’ professional advice or opinion. This willingness to seek and share insights has been instrumental in Exhibit 3Sixty’s continuous development and growth over the past 15 years, and it has helped to foster the same collaborative atmosphere within our company.

How has your leadership style influenced the company’s culture? 

Our leadership style drives the Exhibit 3Sixty company culture. Because we share similar philosophies and thought processes and work together as friends and directors, it allows us to extend our bond to our employees, fostering an environment that promotes teamwork, dedication, and trust. Our employees are also our friends – we have a genuine interest in their lives and families, consistently support one another regardless of the circumstances, and always have each other’s backs. On occasions, we have been known to buy them a few pints.

We don’t need to micromanage our team because we place immense trust in our employees, who have autonomy. Whilst we hold director positions, we recognise and value the exceptional level of experience and expertise our employees bring. They embody our director-level commitment by knowing every change, prioritising the customer experience, and going the extra mile to accommodate changes to ensure projects are completed to our exacting and exceptional standards, even if it means we work a few more hours.

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