Sam Pearce joins Exhibit 3Sixty

We are delighted to welcome our newest member of the team, Sam Pearce, to the company as our new commercial manager, and the more observant readers may have noticed that Sam shares his surname with Andy Pearce, co-director of Exhibit 3Sixty with Alan Craner.

It’s no coincidence! Sam is Andy’s son, and after starting out in design and marketing, quickly becoming sales and marketing manager for a nearby facilities management company at the age of 21, Sam has now joined the Exhibit 3Sixty team.

“The plan was always to join Dad working at Exhibit 3Sixty,” said Sam, “it was something we spoke about regularly, and looked forward to. Together Alan and my dad have built this company tirelessly over the last 15 years, so it’s a precious opportunity and a privilege for me to get involved now. The idea was for me to get some experience of work on my own first, and join the company in another couple of years, but after the pandemic things changed a bit.”

Andy Pearce explained, “Emerging from the pandemic in 2022 made it an incredibly busy year for us, and it was clear that both Alan and I needed to take a more strategic role and bring on more talent to develop the business. Sam showed himself to be more than ready for the challenge, having established a new sales system to high acclaim at his previous job, and being rewarded with a significant promotion early in his career. So Alan and I asked him whether he would be willing to join Exhibit 3Sixty sooner rather than later.”

Sam has started accompanying the team to exhibition builds, including IAAPA at ExCeL London last year – the largest show ever constructed by Exhibit 3Sixty – and Toyfair at Olympia, London, in January. This has enabled him to build an understanding of everything that goes into an exhibition build, from conception to installation and break-down. Sam’s experience and commercial understanding, gained from working in a different industry, will join his growing knowledge of events and exhibition building, to make him a valuable team member as Exhibit 3Sixty expands into the future.

Sam acknowledges one downside to working with his father, “It’s the inevitable dad jokes he continuously regurgitates – suggesting that I’m the manager of hot drinks!  But even in the short time I’ve been here, I can see I’ve got a huge amount to learn from both Alan and my Dad, and not just about how to make a good cuppa.”

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