Using Event Technology to Create an Amazing Exhibition Stand

When it comes to exhibiting at events and trade shows, not only should your exhibition stand look great but it should also provide an interactive space for your customers to engage with your brand and products. Incorporating the latest event technology into your display is an effective way to encourage visitor interaction and offer a fresh experience that they can’t get from your competitors. As digital technology continues to develop and improve, the opportunity to enhance your exhibition stand design and reach even more customers shouldn’t be missed!

What Types of Interactive Media Should I Use?

Engaging Video Displays

Video content is highly effective at grabbing the attention of visitors and is ideal for conveying a lot of information in an appealing way. A quality video can make a great focal point to your interactive exhibition stand and be utilised as a highly effective sales tool whether you’re promoting a product, service or brand. Not only do they keep visitors in your stand for longer, but videos encourage visitors to find out more and ask questions. Touchscreens can increase visitor engagement further and allow you to set up questionnaires, games and animated explainers to best suit your marketing objectives.

You could go big with your video and set up a plasma wall of screens, or keep it simple with a tv screen or tablet. Ipads are great for the sales team to make use of and can be given to visitors to explore themselves.

Top Tip: Consider whether your video requires sound or not, some venues may be too noisy to accommodate it. A headphone stand could also be set up. 

Immersive Technology

As it increases in sophistication, more and more we’re seeing cutting edge technology make its way in the events world. Augmented Reality (AR) is a sophisticated tech that combines computer generated content with a real-world view to create a unique and memorable presentation tool for your visitors to get involved in.

Activated by a smart device it is easily accessible and builds a 360 reconstruction that can be explored, moved around and zoomed in on for a special brand experience. It’s great for making print come to life and transform how your product or service is viewed and understood. Virtual Reality (VR) takes this even further by allowing you to create your own immersive environment. By using VR headsets, visitors can be transported into a 3D world and experience something truly unique. VR can be highly effective at increasing footfall to your stand and ensure that visitors are talking about you long after the event is over!

Real-Time Social Media Wall

Love it or loathe it, social media is still a leading marketing tool and a well planned social media campaign can have a huge impact on the success of an event. For most event organisers, social media is the best platform to promote an up and coming show whilst the majority of attendees will use a social media channel to engage with exhibitors and other attendees both before and during the event.

So it’s important for any new or experienced exhibitor to ensure they have a successful social media strategy in place and incorporate this into their digital exhibition stand. An effective way to do this is by incorporating a social media wall into your interactive exhibition stand by using one or multiple screens to display new posts in real time. Live updates are great for attracting attention to your stand and a social media wall can encourage your visitors to post using your event hashtag.

Top Tip: Check the reliability of the venue’s wifi in advance, signal at large venues may be weak and so you may need to set up your own hotspot.

Interactive Mobile Apps

If you’ve attended a large trade show or annual event this year then you might already be familiar with event apps. Bespoke mobile apps are a great way to engage with customers before, during and after an event as they provide a complete resource for everything related to your event. Users can access information, locations, schedules and real-times updates quickly and easily on their smart devices. They can also provide social media integration and help you maximise your marketing efforts.

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